Pinterest的的通过推出Pinterest开始与其他平台集成“claim” process of your 您Tube channel,Etsy商店和 Instagram的帐号。它’您可以在一段时间内为您的Pinterest帐户声明您的网站,现在您还可以将这3个其他平台连接到Pinterest,从而为您带来更多好处。 

Pinterest的的 notification to 要求 youtube 时髦 instagram


Pinterest的的: 要求 your 网站, 您Tube, Etsy & Instagram的

要求ing your 网站, 您Tube Channel, Instagram的 Account &Etsy Shop on Pinterest的的

您r Pinterest的的 Settings page is where you visit in order to 声明您的网站, Instagram的帐号, 您Tube channel, and Etsy store with Pinterest的的. When you 声明您的网站, your profile photo will show up next to any pins that come from your website, and you’ll be able to access Pinterest的的 analytics for your account. 您’您还将在个人资料上显示的网站网址旁边开始看到地球图标。

要求 website youtube 时髦 instagram with pinterest account

How to 要求 your Website on Pinterest的的

要使用Pinterest声明您的网站,您’首先需要将您的网站网址添加到“claim your website”字段,然后单击红色“Claim” button.

声明您的网站 with pinterest

Pinterest的的将为您提供一系列需要添加到您的网站的代码。在复制/粘贴内部代码行之间选择<head>您网站的标签,或将文件上传到您的网站’s root directory.

add html to site to 要求 with pinterest profile


如需其他帮助,请访问 Pinterest的的’s “Claim your 网站” instructions here.

How to 要求 your YouTube,Instagram和Etsy个人资料在Pinterest上

您’ll benefit in the same ways when you connect your 您Tube, Instagram的 and Etsy profiles to Pinterest的的 as you do from connecting your website to your Pinterest的的 account. 您’ll be able to receive analytics on pins of your content (not just pins of your content made 通过 you), and your profile photo will show up next to any pins made from your account. People can also click through from your pins to visit these linked accounts. 您Tube and Etsy accounts can be linked from your computer or iOs or Android smart phone, but Pinterest的的 says your Instagram的帐号 needs to be 要求ed from your iOs or Android device. (I was able to 要求 my Instagram的帐号 from my browser on my MacBook).

When you click to 要求 your 您Tube account, you’必须授予Pinterest权限。

pinterest permissions to 要求 youtube

一旦您 do, your 您Tube account will be 要求ed 通过 Pinterest的的.


After 要求ing one of more of these platforms on Pinterest的的, it will take a few days for previous pins to be attributed to your Pinterest的的 account and figured into your monthly views count. 您 also are able to unclaim any of these profiles at any time. Simply visit this same Settings page and click the grey “Unclaim” button.

For more information on 要求ing your 您Tube channel, Instagram的帐号 or Etsy shop, 访问Pinterest的’s help link.